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The detection of specific antibodies plays a crucial role in the diagnosis of infectious diseases and autoimmune diseases. While for antibody detection assays that monitor prior infectious diseases in many cases a qualitative yes/no answer is sufficient, there often is also a clinical need in more quantitative antibody detection assays. As an increasing number of antibody-based drugs are being introduced for medical treatment, the monitoring of therapeutic antibody levels in blood is becoming increasingly important for patient-specific dosage optimization, eg. in managing inflammatory diseases. Currently used clinical standard methods for antibody quantification including ELISA assays, (electro)- chemiluminescence-based immunoassays, SPR, or RIA assays require sophisticated highcost analytical instruments, as well as time-consuming and laboratory-bound processes (reagent handling and sample pretreatment).


RAPPID has been developed to replace multiple workflow, time consuming, waste generation steps in current ELISA methods with a simple one-step mix and measure method to rapidly and with the highest sensitivity of any detection technology, quantify the amount of the antibody/antigen of interest (e.g. drug) in a biological sample, such as blood, starting from a minimally invasive blood amount (1 μL).

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